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The Writing Claw

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As many occupational therapists, parents, and teachers have discovered, the Writing CLAW (Controlling Letters of Adolescent/Adult Writing) is a miracle grip that works like magic to promote proper grip, good handwriting, and increased fine motor function. It eliminates thumb-wrapping and fist-grip to create a true tripod grip in just 60 seconds. Since the CLAW can stretch and slip over a variety of implements, it is also be used to help hold crayons, markers, chalk, eating utensils, and other hand-manipulated objects. It fits both left- and right-handed users.

Please note size specifications: SMALL fits children from about 2 years old through kindergarten, MEDIUM fits kids in kindergarten through 6th grade (most older girls and women stay at this size), and LARGE fits kids in 7th grade through adulthood.

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You know them: they can’t get their coats on straight, are easily distracted, impulsive, over- or under-sensitive to sounds, lights, textures, etc. With up to 20% of the students in any given classroom affected by Sensory Integration Disorder, Answers to Questions Teachers Ask about Sensory Integration is an invaluable resource for teachers of preschool through high school. 




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