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Do you have a drama queen

(or king) at home?


Ellie learns how to calm herself down in ELLIE BEAN THE DRAMA QUEEN!




Many behavior problems can be

caused by sensory challenges!


Open a treasure chest full of solutions!






The international magazine dedicated to sensory challenges

Featuring insights from Dr. Temple Grandin, Carol Kranowitz, MA, and more!



Why does my student do that?

Find answers to your toughest behavior questions!




Many behavior problems can be caused by sensory challenges!


Find solutions that work for your classroom!





Sensory sensitivities can turn a fun family meal into a nightmare.

JUST TAKE A BITE has new ideas to solve your dinner dilemmas!



Resolve sensory issues and boost social skills!


Social learning techniques that work:

Read Visual Techniques for Developing Social Skills!



In-Sync Activity Cards

Congratulations on winning the 

Mom's Choice 2013 Gold Award

Who we are

Hello, and welcome to Sensory World!
Ever since my little brother was diagnosed with autism, I have been very aware of, and interested in, how different people are affected by their senses. Our parent company, Future Horizons, continues to bring the best the world has to offer in autism resources. Now, with Sensory World, we can focus on sensory issues, which affect all people with autism, and many with ADD/ADHD, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, OCD, and even us “neurotypicals.”

 Jennifer Gilpin Yacio

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Sensory Focus Free Articles

Click this thumbnail for a free article from Sensory Focus Magazine.

Click this thumbnail for a free article from Sensory Focus Magazine.

Click this thumbnail for a free article from Sensory Focus Magazine.


What we do

Sensory World is proud to bring you the largest collection of sensory related books, CDs, and DVDs available for your use and education and informative conferences across the nation. With the help of experts like Carol Kranowitz, Britt Collins, and Dr. Temple Grandin, more and more people are becoming aware of how Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) might affect any one of us, and more importantly, how to help overcome whatever challenges each person might face.

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Why does my child/student do that?


Many behavior problems are sensory-based!

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It's itchy! It's yucky!

It's too loud! It's too bright!

If these complaints sound familiar, your child may be struggling with Sensory Processing Disorder.

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Because data have shown that one in six children have sensory issues, Sensory World is most interested in exploring and creating distributors of our products in the USA and around the world.

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Fun Fact for the Week

Start the school year right with sensory solutions from Carol Kranowitz!


You know them: they can’t get their coats on straight, are easily distracted, impulsive, over- or under-sensitive to sounds, lights, textures, etc. With up to 20% of the students in any given classroom affected by Sensory Integration Disorder, Answers to Questions Teachers Ask about Sensory Integration is an invaluable resource for teachers of preschool through high school. 




I wanted to write and commend your organization for the wonderfully insightful conference I attended recently.

- Teacher in Dallas


The prompt and courteous service I experienced recently is sure refreshing!

- Mother in Boston


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